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7. 2. - Our beautiful Hillary z Rajského kopce - LARA , 5months old blond girl is looking for a new loving family and home because of serious healthy and family reasons. She is very nice, cuddly, obedient bitch, she goes to dog´s training, she is brought up at home with a child. She supposed to be a great family dog and friend and also succesful at dog´s shows or training. Contact to her owners: 608 426 577 or to breeder: 606 705 096. Email: renatalupienska@gmail.com or on Fb.

6. 2. 2024 - Litter H is 5 months and 2 weeks old. "Honeybears" have grown so quickly and I spent all my time taking care of them. I put all photos and videos on Fb because of their owners, but I will complete the photogallery here too. At the same time I need to make a new section for our new member of dog´s pack and family - HARLY♥.

6. 9. - Litter "H" is 2 weeks old. The puppies have already started sitting, barking and trying walking. Some of them have open eyes. They drink a lot and sleep a lot and then they are very cute when they sleep together in one heap with siblings or with their mother.
Litter HLitter HLitter H
Litter HLitter HLitter H

23. 8. 2023 - ♥♥♥LITTER "H" WAS BORN♥♥♥. Dianka gave birth to 11 puppies, 7 blond (5 girls, 2 boys), 4 black and tan (2 girls and 2 boys). All puppies are well, Dianka is wonderful mother and takes care of them very thoroughly. If you are interested, you can contact me at my email or phone number: renatalupienska@gmail.com, +420 606 705 096.

23. 7. 2023 - Great news - DIANKA WILL HAVE PUPPIES - Litter H!!! Last month we visited ELROY BLACK PRIM and this week we could see the result of their meeting on a sono at the vet. In a month the pupies will be born. If you are interested, you can contact me.

28. 11. LITTER G ♥ is two monhts old. It has passed so quickly. The puppies are at their new owners and they are sending messages and beautiful photos, because the owners are very good photographers and our puppies are very good models :-).
GraceVrh G - GregLitter G - last time together

12. 10. LITTER G ♥ is two weeks old. The puppies are very big and strong and cute, of course.
They can walk, bark, they have open eyes and have their names: George - blue (blond male), Goofy - green (blond male), Gregory - black and tan male, Glorie - pink (black and tan female), Grace - pink (blond female).
Vrh GVrh GVrh G

28. 9. LITTER G WAS BORN♥!!!
Today Dianka gave births to 5 puppies: 3 boys (2 blond and 1 black and tanned) and 2 girls (1 blond and 1 black and tanned). We are very happy!!!
Dianka Litter GDianka Litter GDianka Litter G

1. 9. We are very pleased to announce, that our Dianka and Buddy Bohuš z Narcisovej are expecting puppies in the end of September :-)♥.
Litter G

1. 8. EMILY z Rajského kopce passed the exam of bonitace and because she was succesful now she can have puppies :-)! Congratulations!!!

5. 7. - Litter F is 5 weeks old, they are cute, great, love contact with people♥. All of them are reserved and their future owners go to visit them and look forward to them :-).
FinFergieVrh F

28. 6. - CLUB´S HOVAWART´S SHOW took place not far from Olomouc, in Horka na Moravě.
Our DIANA finished as the third from 23 bitches and obtained V3. We were really happy, because it was not easy in the heat of 30 C. Also fathers of our puppies were very succesful:
Amaro (litter D) - V3 in the class of winners, Aik (litter E) - V1 CAC, BOB, ček. Ch IHF, Ardal (litter F) - V2 res. CAC in the class of winners. Congratulations!!!

4. 6. GOOD NEWS!!! Litter F is HERE! DEBBIE gave birth to 8 puppies on Friday. She has got 3 black girls and 5 boys - 2 black and 3 black and tanned. All of them are cute and beautiful. Debbie takes wonderful care of them. Also DAISY gave a birth to a lovely big boy - black and tanned. Unfortunately Dianka will not have puppies this summer. Perhaps next time :-).
The Debbie´s puppies are not available any more.
DebbieDaisiino štěňátkoDebbie

Vrh F27. 4. Good news - DEBBIE will have puppies. They will be born at the end of May or the beginning of June. Their names will F............z Rajského kopce. We are very happy and congratulate Debbie and also Daisy, she is expecting puppies too.

DIANKA is supposed to be on heat in April. Then we are going to visit one of the stud dogs (Buddy Bohuš z Narcisovej or Army Pom Pette) and if he is succesfull, we will have puppies in Summer :-). Other hot news is that DEBBIE has already been to a stud dog. In two weeks we will see, if she will have puppies, too. We hope so :-).

5. 10. 2019 CLUB HOVAWART´S SHOW took place in Horka na Moravě, where we went with Dianka and this time also with Brenda. DIANKA got a grade Excellent and a very good appraisal in the Open class and BRENDA WON in the class of Veterans and besides a good appraisal we brought home also the Cup for the best Veterans. I felt a bit sorry, that Dorian did not take a part in the Show. He would certainly have had a good chance, because he has been a beautiful dog.
BerryWe brought home the CupDorián

19. 5. 2019 - DIANKA CAN HAVE PUPPIES, she is breeding now. She passed "the exam of adults - bonitation" in Prague on 27. 4. 2019, as the same as her sister DARK BEAUTY and her sisters DAISY and DORIS last year. Other big good news is, that DORIS has become a mother of five puppies - A litter of Angie Crystal. DARK BEAUTY was at the Special hovawart´s show and got a grade Excellent! ELFS celebrated this week 2nd birthday. EDGAR, ELIAS, ERICH and EMILY passed the Youth meeting. EMILY had X-rays of hips taken and had the best results. CÉZAR has become a father several times in Germany - C, D litter hovawarts vom Heidschnuckenhof and soon we will have grandchildren also in Belgium :-).
DiankaDeboraDark Beauty Cora
 and her pupilsEdgar 2 yearsCézar

8. 4. 2018 - NVP OSTRAVA - DIANKA obtained V1, CAC, her sister DAISY - V3, and younger half-brother EDGAR - V2. Dianka has a very good judge´s reference - strong skeleton, great condition, nice female head, great chest, great angled limbs, firm and energetic movement.
Daisy and DiankaDianka - run20180409-Daisy - beautifulgirl

4. 2. 2018 - DUO CACIB BRNO - DIANKA and her younger half-brother EDGAR took place of the international dog´s show. Both got a nice judge´s description and DIANKA grade V3 in intermediate class and EDGAR grade VN1 in puppy class.

25. 11. Dianka´s X-ray´s results are the best!!! DKK A/A, DKL 0/0 and we are very happy about it :-). Last week she spent a training weekend for hovawarts with her father Amaro.

4. 8. E - puppies are all in their new homes. Enzo now lives in the South Bohemia and Elias not far from Olomouc. I am happy, that their new owners send us messages and photos and I know how they are and they are loved by their new families ♥. I look forward to getting Pedigrees and then I can go to hand to the papers and especially to see them :-).

7. 7. Our dogś family is becoming smaller, but ENZO and ELIAS are still AVAILABLE. They are lovely boys, black and tan, with nice tan marks, very playful and friendly and cuddling. Edmond has found his family, Erny will live in Slovakia, Elza, Emily and Edward are sending photos and greetings from their new families. ENZO and ELIAS are also ready to go and they can´t wait for their new homes

30. 6. E litter is 6 weeks and half old. The puppies were vaccinated and chipped yesterday. And today there was a Breeder´s guide and did a Check of the litter and she assessed our puppies as very beautiful, lively, active, well-balanced litter. Also a vet admired that puppies are relaxed and easy-going even during vaccination. EDMOND, ENZO, ERNEST and ELIÁS are still available.

21.6. The ELFS are 5 weeks old. EDMOND - blond, ENZO, ERNEST, ELIÁŠ - black and tan boys are looking for their new owners and families. They are lovely, healthy and playful puppies, which are supposed to have good temperament and beautiful appearance after their mother Brenda and their succesful father AIK CARPATHIE HEART: C.I.E., CH.IHF, CZ, AT, PL, SK, exam: IPO1, ZM, BH.
Edmond, Edgar a černoznakáčEnzo a Erich 5 týdnů se pusinkujíEliáš

9. 6. The Elfs - as we call our E puppies - are growing up very quickly. This week they started to eat granules and they like them very much. They have started playing and fighting each other.
They discover new places in the garden and the garage, some of them are very brave. But also they love to be with their mum and to be kissed by us :-).
Puppies feeding outsideVrh EErny from Rajský kopec :-)

29. 5. E - puppies are 2 weeks old, they have open eyes and start to try walking. The biggest boys weigh about 1,5 kg. Two dogs blond and two dogs black and tanned are available.
If you are interested, you can call + 420 606 705 096 or write renata@lupienski.cz.
Vrh EVrh EVrh E

< strong>15. 5. E- PUPPIES WERE BORN.
Brenda (Berry z Císařského údolí) and Aik Carpathia Heart became parents of 9 lovely little hovawarts.
We have 7 dogs: 3 blond and 4 black and tanned, 2 bitches: 1 blond and 1 black and tanned.
Vrh EVrh EVrh E

We are happy to announce, that we are expecting puppies!
Supposed delivery: 14. 5. 2017
Proud parents: Berry z Císařského údolí and Aik Carpathia Heart.
Vrh E

13. 5. 2017 - Special hovawart´s dog´s show - Knížecí rybník - Diana obtained titles V1,
CAJC, BOJ - Best of young. We are very happy and grateful to Nicol Vendelinová, who was performing Diana. Also we want to congratulate to Amaro Carpathia Heart, Dianka´s father, to getting grade V3 in the Category of Winners and to Aik Carpathia Heart, father of our E-puppies, to the title BOB - Best dog of the dog´s show.
AmaroDiana z Rajského kopce a AmaroDiana

22. 4. Our litter D took part in Assessment of Youth in Chropyně. 7 out of 9 D-puppies came there and passed the Assessment. Thanks to their owners and congratulations!
Vrh D

16. 4. - International Dog´s Show took place in Prague. Our Dark Beauty participated in it and she got V2 - Excellent second. Congratulations!

9. 4. 2017 - National Dog´s Show took place in Ostrava and our Diana, Daisy and Doris participated in it. They were very succesful. Doris - V2 - 'Excellent second, Diana - V4 - Excellent forth, Daisy - Excellent. We are very happy and congratulate!
Tři sestry :-) - zleva Daisy, Diana a Doris z Rajského kopceDark Beauty z Rajského kopceDiana z Rajského kopce

8.10. Preparation for The youngs´ meeting took place in Hlučín. Our D - puppies DJANGO, DORIAN, DEBBIE and DIANA came there and took part of it. They are 7 months old and they are beautiful.
Dianka a DoriánZleva Django, Debbie, Diana a Dorián z Rajského kopceDjango se svým páníčkem
Když byli na volno, byli jako puštění z řetězuDebbie a DjangoDianka s paničkou

4. 9. DIANA was at Dog´s show for the first time and she obtained VN1 in the category of puppies! Also she got great assessment: strong skeleton, right proportions, nice head, right teeth, very nice upper and lower line, strong chest, straight legs rightly angled, excellent hair and colour, very nice movement. We were happy! She met there her father Amaro, too.

16. 5. Litter D has already celebrated their 2 months in their new homes with their new families.
The BIG NEWS is that one blond puppy-girl has stayed with us. Now we have two hovawartś ladies:-): BRENDA (Berry z Císařského údolí) and DIANA z Rajského kopce.


25. 4. D - puppies will be 7 weeks on Friday. On Thursday they will be vaccinated and chipped and on Friday Check-up of litter will hold. And because all of them now weigh more than 5 kgs, they will be able to go to their new owners on the first May day.


16. 4. D - puppies are 5 weeks old. they are so cute, they look like small bears and they weigh like those:-). Django 4,70 kgs, other boys about 4,50 kgs, Daphne 4,30 kgs and other girls from 3,50 to 4,00 kgs.
Puppies are 5 weeks old!Puppies are 5 weeks old!

Puppies are 5 weeks old!

10. 4. CORA was at her first dog´s exhibition and she ended as V4 - excellent forth.

9. 4. CRISTIAN, CYRIL-SAM, CORA, CAROLINE took place of the Youth Assessment in Štěpánov u Olomouce. All of them are beautiful and good dogs. I was happy to see them after long time together:-). Thanks to their owners.
Svod mladých ve Štěpánově u OlomouceSvod mladých ve Štěpánově u Olomouce

Svod mladých ve Štěpánově u Olomouce

31. 3. PUPPIES will be 3 weeks tomorrow. They weigh from 1,60 kg to 1,90 kg. They can see, hear, walk, bark, growl and start play together:-). They are so cute and beautiful.
Déčka už mají 3 týdny!Déčka už mají 3 týdny!

Déčka už mají 3 týdny!

They are very well and put on their weight nicely. Black and tanned dog is over 1 kg, the others are over 90 dkgs:-). They are big and strong and lovely puppies:-).


Yesterday Brenda gave birth to 9 puppies. We have all colours: 2 blond girls and 1 boy, 2 black and tanned girls and 1 boy and 2 black girls and 1 boy:-)! They all are well.


5. 2. G O O D N E W S !!! P U P P I E S - L I T T E R D W I L L B E !!!
They will be after mother Brenda beautiful black and gold and clever and after father Amaro beautiful dark blond and black and intelligent:-)!!! If you are interested, do not hesitate to call 420 606 705 096 or write renata@lupienski.cz.

8. 1. WE HAVE MATED! In 3 weeks we will know if it was succesful:-). The puppies due to about 10th March and they should be available at the end of April or beginning of May.

http://www.hovawart.cz/databaze/psi/info.php?id=8180 or akiwart.weebly.com.
If you are interested call +420 606 705 096 or write on renata@lupienski.cz.

1. 1. 2016 - Happy New Year to our friends, puppies and their families and all people in love with hovawarts:-).

20.10. LITTER C IS CELEBRATING 8 MONTHS. The puppies look like adults, but they are still playful and lively like small children, but also they started to be wilful and stubborn like teenagers. Nevertheless I am receiving the news from their owners, that they are well-balanced, they aren´t aggressive, they get on well with other dogs and people, they enjoy dogś training and they love their families. So I am sending Best wishes to



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